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Thu, Oct. 2nd, 2008, 12:14 pm

so it has almost been a week since the first presidential debate of the 08 Election.

My general consensus, the debate was........................a bust.

nothing new came out of the debate. It was the two candidates basically repeating their campaign speeches and their positions. If you went in a McCain supporter that is how you came out, with the added thought that he won the debate, and if you were an Obama supporter that is how you came out, also thinking that your candidate had won.

It was a little unlucky for both candidates that the first part of the debate ended up being about the economic issue, which it seemed that no one had prepared for. They repeated their economic plans and kind of stumbled around when asked if they would support the bailout bill. I was upset to see that neither candidate could come up with any programs they would have to cut from their plans due to the lack of funds and the bailout. After getting into foreign policy for a while the debate started to get a little more lively with the candidates going back and forth without being provoked by the moderator.

If you watch the debate on a split screen (seeing both candidates at the same time) you had a better idea of how the debate went because you can watch how each candidate responds. I have heard that McCain looked strained, and flustered (like he was getting upset) when Obama talked about foreign policy, and that Obama looked flustered and worried when McCain talked. That is up to interpretation. One thing was brought up was that throughout the entire debate McCain referred to Obama as Senator Obama, while Obama would address McCain as Senator McCain sometimes but mostly referred to him as John. Now because they both hold the same position they are allowed to drop the title and call each other by their first names. A House member cannot refer to a senator or governor in this manner and vice versa. In the case of Biden and Palin tonight, Biden must refer to Palin as Governor Palin, and Palin must refer to Biden as Senator Biden.

Since the debate was a draw people are giving it to Obama because he held his own in what is suppose to be "McCain's best area". A draw is a draw though.

I am hoping that the next debate is a town meeting format so that should be interesting and hopefully more lively.

I am excited for the Palin/Biden debate tonight I am a little uneasy that the moderator has written a book, which includes writing about Obama. It is a conflict of interest in my opinion, I am just hoping that she can be as impartial as she says she is. You can look back to one of the Democratic Nomination Debates where George Stephanopoulos, President Clinton's communications director, was one of the moderators and went easy on Senator Clinton but was harsher towards Senator Obama.

next post will probably be on the bail out

Thu, Oct. 2nd, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)

Mr. Repak and Mr. White don't even know what they started.