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Wed, Apr. 23rd, 2008, 10:38 pm

Alright its been a couple weeks, Caroline time to compare.

I bumped myself up last friday and have been doing the following:

Elliptical: 40 minutes

Bicycle: 37 minutes

what you got son? Bring it on

Thu, Apr. 10th, 2008, 01:00 pm

So yesterday I travel to four different locations to apply for a job and do you know what happened when told them I wanted to fill out an application. At every single location I went to they told me that their applications are done online. When did this start? I don't like it. I like to be able to hand in my application and meet the manager to introduce myself. Then I give two to three days to see if they manager had gotten a chance to look at my application. I can not do that with this electronic nonsense. So now I have to wait until the third party companies they use to go through my information and then send it to the stores so they can go through my data. Plus there is a limit on character in each field so I could not fully write down some of my job titles and I could barely put down any of my previous job responsibilities. Oh and each one gave me about a 100 word personality test. I do not think that you can assess people on what they put down on a test (especially when the answers are strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree). The only upside is that you can read what I am putting down (my handwriting is atrocious. So that was dumb dumb dumb.

Oh and Caroline 35 minutes on the elliptical last night plus 35 minutes on a bike. You need start bringing your A game because I just made this a competition.

Mon, Mar. 31st, 2008, 01:06 am

So here is a post with what is going on in my life lately.

I am swamped with school work on a weekly basis, but I am not really motivated to do any of it (Panza I am taking a leaf out of your book) so I tend to stay up late working on it at the last minute.

I am teaching my first lesson in my internship on Wednesday, it is on Napoleon. I am a little excited and little nervous. I don't know why I am nervous I have spoken in front of many groups before, maybe because it is a second time with this group of kids.

I am looking for a new job because I am not getting any work at mine, or respect, and I need the money. So any ideas help a brother out.

After I get a new job and some money I am going to find a low price gym to join. Running on concrete is destroying my knee and I am probably going to need that for a while. But I will keep running until I get that gym membership.

I am currently spending my free time looking for a new roommate, it is lame.

Less than three months until I am 21.

thats all I have, any further questions you know what to do.

Thu, Feb. 28th, 2008, 12:33 pm

So I was reading something on the economy and how bush doesn't think that we will go into a recession and it got me thinking.

So Bush is going to get a pretty raw deal when people immediately look at his presidency when he steps down in January (the immediately is very important). People are currently and have been saying that he ran the country into a recession. Those people are not very intelligent or at least they have no idea about how economics work. A recession is not necessarily a bad thing, it is part of an economy. The biggest thing that you want to do is try to limit how dramatic of a recession it is going to be. Economies are suppose to have peaks and valleys it helps control inflation and other aspects. People that tend trash talk Bush on economics tend to talk up Clinton saying that he did wonders for the economy. Again I disagree. What Clinton did was keep the economy out of a recession, yes that is true, but he kept the economy "burning" meaning he didn't give it a chance to rest (meaning recession). So if we follow this chain of events basically Clinton handed over a burnt out economy that had to start going down at some point. A little side note the higher you run the peak of an economy the bigger the fall.

The reason immediately was important earlier was because the immediate look at a presidency tends to not be an inaccurate picture. To truly get a clear picture you have to wait presidential documents are declassified which don't typically happen until a president dies. We are still currently finding out information about Regan, who had some pretty big mishaps in his presidency, such as the Iran Contra incident. Anyway so those people who will rip to shreds President Bush and call him the worst president ever likely have not done the appropriate research and are just going off whatever the media has stated. Bush might turn out to be a bad president but no one can know right off the bat.

Thu, Feb. 7th, 2008, 12:00 pm

So today Romney decided to end his campaign for the Presidency, which was interesting since his super tuesday night speech was probably the most aggressive. But he was five hundred delegates behind McCain, and McCain gaining the status of front runner would have only guaranteed that Romney would still be trailing in the coming up primaries and caucuses. I think it will be interesting to see what happens to Huckabee's numbers in the coming days.

I think that it is funny how both Hillary and Obama have adopted (and repeatedly used) the line "goal/mission of my life/adult life", after discussing things they have done in the past or things they want to do. Why is it funny? Because that was John Edwards's line. After he dropped out they both picked it up in an attempt to gain his constituents. Edwards should have copyrighted that saying because now he would be rolling in the dough.

the Shaq trade was not an intelligent move. Although it has been pointed out to me that he had no motivation with the Heat and he will have some with the Suns still does not alleviate my concerns. I have seen Shaq play he is slow and he is only going to get slower. I just have to wonder what this is going to do to the fast pace game of the Suns.

Thu, Jan. 31st, 2008, 12:39 pm
More Political Analysis

So lets start with the Republican race and debate from last night.

The race has now turned from six candidates to four. Thompson dropping out after a poor showing in South Carolina but not endorsing anyone and Giuliani dropping out after a poor showing in Flordia and endorsing McCain. So last night Romney, McCain, Paul, and Huckabee showed up at the Reagan Library to debate. The debate belonged to Romney and McCain. Paul got the least amount of time compared to the other three but even Huckabee had to fight for time to speak just cementing the fact that he does not have a chance at winning the nomination. Though I do agree with the CNN correspondents that he will be a giant thorn in the side of Romney who has painted himself as the ultimate conservative. Lasts nights debate was not McCain's best performance. He took the idea of himself as the front runner tried to show that he could take the reigns. It didn't seem natural for him so according to some analysts "he look snooty." But on the other hand you had Romney who took the role as victim and ran with it. He stated that McCain had made accusations against him that were untrue and were dirty trick politics, why making his own accusations against McCain. Romney seems to have a way of not making it look vindictive. (sidenote: whenever someone uses a quote of Romney's he always persists that they are not using the entire quote and are misusing it). Romney of course stuck to his experience of being a businessman, running the Olympics and that he was a governor and how that is like running a country (which Huckabee used to his advantage stating "that he thanks Romney for the endorsement") to answer all questions. McCain stuck to his experience of military to answer questions. He used it a little more than he should have, including as an answer to a question where it just didn't make sense as an answer.

On the Democratic side. A day after my post on John Edwards he dropped out of the race (I assumed he would since he did not win South Carolina, his home state) making the democratic race even more heated. The question that is to be asked is what will happen with his supporters on Feb. 5th, especially since he did not endorse either Clinton or Obama. They are going to split, the group as a whole will not go to either candidate. Some analysts on CNN stated that the supporters that were working class and are for universal health care (Edwards stated that Obama's was not universal like Clinton's and his) would likely go to Clinton. But Edwards in the New Hampshire debate aligned himself with Obama and declared Clinton as being the status quo and that they were the candidates of change. But in the South Carolina debate he did not align himself with either candidate instead he showed similarities between him and each candidate on different aspects and issues. Edwards seemed as though he was a mix of Clinton and Obama. He wanted change and he fought for the working class. Which leaves this race in an interesting place. I would advise people to watch the last Democratic debate before "Super Tuesday" to see "the gloves come off." It is on CNN tonight.

I might update tomorrow after watching the debate....maybe.

Tue, Jan. 29th, 2008, 05:16 pm
woooooooooooooo wooooooooooooooooooo

So yesterday I dropped a significant amount of money (according to me) on new clothes and shoes for my internship this semester. I don't tend to buy a lot of clothes so to spend $170 was a little ridiculous to me, and the stuff I bought was on sale too.

Anyway I have been thinking lately how bad I feel for John Edwards. He is running in a primary against a woman candidate and an African-American candidate and he is not doing so well. Why? I believe it is because of the fact that this election, more so than other elections, is not based on positions but appearances. You may say well that is all elections, but I would disagree. The reason why this is more, is because people are going to vote for Hillary so they can be one step closer to seeing the first woman president or vote for Obama so they can be one step closer to seeing the first African-American president. Both of those would be nice to see and they will happen very soon, if not in this election, but I think we should be looking at the policies and positions then their appearances and their ability to "stick it" to the stereotypical white male candidate. So I commend John Edwards for giving it all he has in a race that is not in his favor.

Republican primary today in Florida should be interesting to see who comes out ahead, especially since Gulliani has basically placed his entire race on this primary. If he wins he will continue on if he doesn't he is done for. dun dun dun dunnnn.

Thu, Dec. 27th, 2007, 03:59 am

i got a decent load for christmas this year lots of presents from my folks i will give you the run down because you are not interested

For DVDs:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the legit version 1971 edition)
The Ex
Angel (Season 4 and 5)
Bones (Season 2)

For CDs:

All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right
My American Heart - Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
Thursday - Waiting
Boys Like Girls
The Spill Canvas - No Really, I'm Fine

Other Stuff:

A new iPod (because I lost mine in Texas I was excited to get the new one)
A drafting table

(I am positive my parents spent way way way to much money on me)

From My Sisters:

Two Shirts from Jessica
-Brand New
A portable iPod stereo from Rachel

It was a really good haul this year. Hope everyone else had a good christmas or chanukah whatever you celebrate.

Sun, Dec. 9th, 2007, 01:52 am

Did anyone watch the miniseries Tin Man

it was pretty good i am not gunna lie.
it was cool to see how they connected it to the wizard of oz

plus zooey deschanel is not to bad looking (she looks better with blonde hair) her sister emily deschanel is not hurting in the looks department either.

the end.

Tue, Nov. 27th, 2007, 02:03 pm

I am falling asleep at my computer in the payne computer lab. I got three hours of sleep last night after spending a good 5 hours on a part of an assignment, from when I finally committed myself to sit down and work on it, that should have took 1 or 2 at the most. Although I did spend a lot of the weekend screwing around so it should have been completed saturday at the latest. I am completely burned out, good thing two papers due thursday, my thesis due the 8th and then two finals and I am down for a month.

Thursday I am leaving for texas, around a city called Rocksprings. It is about 2 hours north west of San Antonio. Why am I going? I am going for a hunting trip with my dad. He has a friend who moved to texas a couple years ago and has been trying to get us out there to hunt with them on their ranch lease.

It will be way different type of hunting then me and my dad are use to but it should be fun. And it looks like I will get a chance to see some cool animals while I am there.

take a lookCollapse )

the trip out there should take 12 to 13 hours. we leave Sunday night to head back to pheonix so I won't be back till monday. ahhh...that is all

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